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Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

Hess Tile Cleaning has been cleaning pool tile for over 16 years. We've cleaned tile with one years build up of calcium to over 30 years of build up. We use only the best quality glass bead available and are careful to use the right amount of pressure to make your swimming pool tile look its best.

Swimming Pool Rock Cleaning

Many swimming pools have rock in addition to tile around the perimeter of the pool. Hess Tile Cleaning cleans rock as well as tile. Cleaning calcium off of rock may lighten the rock a bit at the water line, but your rock will look so much better without the white calcium.

Rock Waterfall Cleaning

Many swimming pools have rock waterfalls too, these also accumulate a white calcium build up that is unsightly. We can clean these rock waterfalls which will enhance the overall look of your pool.

Bull Nose Coping Cleaning

The bull nose coping around the top perimeter of your swimming pool is usually made of poured concrete or brick. Flagstone is sometimes used as well. Hess Tile Cleaning can also clean these various copings that calcium will eventually discolor.

Pebble Tec Cleaning

Occasionally swimming pools don't have tile along the top edge but have a pebble tec finish instead. Pebble tec is used sometimes in the shallow end of a pool as a "beach" area. We also clean pebble tec as it turns a dirty gray color from the calcium build up.

Swimming Pool Tile Repair

Occasionally your pool may need tile repaired. Sometimes pieces of tile may crack, chip or just simply pop off. Hess Tile Cleaning can also perform these small tile repairs when needed.

Power Washing

Your back patio, swimming pool deck, and even walkways to and from may need cleaning from time to time, especially where there is more shade, green algae may grow. Power Washing will spruce up these areas much better than a water hose.

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