The Process

Step 1

First we need to come up with a price for your tile cleaning.  To do this, we usually come out to your home to look at your pool and measure the linear feet of tile that you have.  To save time, you can text or email us a picture of your pool and we can come up with a ball park price and put you on the schedule for cleaning.  Then, on the day of cleaning,  we will measure your tile and firm up the price at that time.  Keep in mind, that if we have cleaned your pool tile in the past, we will already have your measurements.  We can then update the price (if needed) and put you on the schedule right away.

Step 2

On the day of cleaning, first we shut off your filter system (and auto-fill valve) so it does not come on during the cleaning process.  If you have auto-fill, we will turn it back on before leaving.  In order for us to clearly see the calcium that needs to be removed, we drop the water level of your pool approximately six inches (6″) below the bottom of the tile.  To do this, we attach a long discharge hose to a pump at your pool and drain the water into a sewer clean out that is usually in your front yard or driveway.  During this time, we set up the equipment needed to clean your pool tile.


Step 3

We then clean your pool tile using a very fine abrasive called Glass Bead.  Glass bead is so fine, it is almost like a powder, but is heavy enough to fall to the bottom of the pool.  After cleaning, we wash off the pool deck of any bead and we then vacuum out the glass bead from the bottom of the pool into a canvass bag for recycling.  We apply a polish to the tile and are finished.  You are now ready to fill the pool back to the normal level.  After your water level is back to normal, it is now OK to turn your pool equipment back on.  If we turned your equipment off by flipping a circuit breaker, you will have to reset your timer clocks at this time.

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