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We use a process called bead blasting.  With this process we use an abrasive Glass BeadGlass Bead is made out of recycled glass.

No, “Bead Blasting” will not harm your pool tile.  Glass Bead comes in different sizes and can be blasted out at different pressures.  Hess Tile Cleaning uses only the proper size of beads and pressure to not only remove the calcium from your tile but to also protect your tile from damage.  

However, tiles have different levels of hardness.  Some tiles are softer than others and pitting may occur. on the softer tiles, these are very small pits that are not noticeable.  Tile with extremely heavy calcium build up may even lighten some around the edges.


Yes, we will drop the water level approximately 6” inches below the bottom of the tile.  We turn off your pool equipment and use our pump to drain the water into a sewer cleanout that is usually located in your front yard or driveway.

Even though the glass bead we use is small enough to protect your tile, it is heavy enough to fall to the bottom of the pool.  We then capture the bead by vacuuming it up into a canvass bag for recycling.  

Years ago we used a “tile protectant sealant” after cleaning.   It made the tile shine and water would bead off of it, so we thought that it would help slow down the time that it would take for the calcium to build-up again.  However, what it ended up doing was creating a milky white film on the tile.  Then the calcium would build-up on the milky white film.  This film made the dark colored tiles look a milky white even before the calcium came back. So it defeated the purpose of using a sealant.  So, now we use a polish that gives the tile that  wet look” but doesn’t prematurely turn the tile a milky white.

The average pool takes about four (4) hours to complete.  Of course, larger pools will take a little longer.  We usually finish the same day.

As soon as we’re finished your pool is ready to fill.

You should turn your equipment back on ONLY after you get your water level back to normal. You don’t want to turn it on before your water level is back to normal because you could burn up your pump!

It depends on how hard your water is.  Different areas have dissimilar levels of hardness.  After a year or so, you may see a small white line at the water line.  The Calcium builds up  from there.  It’s very gradual, after a number of years it will get to a point where you will want to have your tile cleaned again.

The best way to slow down the calcium build-up is to keep your water at the proper ph/chemical balance.  There are some conditioners out there that are supposed to slow down the process, but It’s an ongoing expense adding it to your water every month (the amount depends on how many gallons of water your pool has).  The jury is out on how effective they are.

Yes, we can do small tile repairs.  If you have the tiles that have fallen off-that’s best.  If not, we can buy new replacement tiles if they are still carried by the manufacturer.  Otherwise, we can hopefully find a close match.

The cost varies, depending on how many linear feet of tile you have.  A linear foot is 12” in length and 6” in height.  We charge between $3.95 and $4.95 per lf. 

It also depends on the amount of build-up you have.  For instance, there will be heavier build-up if you’re on well water.  It’s best if we come out to measure your pool at look at it firsthand.

2019 will be our 17th season cleaning pool tile, rock and coping.

2019 will be our seventeenth (17th)  year cleaning pool tiles.  We have cleaned over 2,000 pools in and around the Sacramento area.  We’ve seen it all and cleaned just about every kind of pool tile, rock and coping.  We have cleaned tile with 30+ years of build-up and some with only one.  

We know what pressures can be used to not only get the job done but with as little trauma to the tile as possible.  Our success is proven by the endorsements given by our customers.  Please look us up on YELP for more testimonials from our clients.  Finally, Hess Tile Cleaning is careful to leave your pool area clean.  We have a motto,




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